Saturday, 31 July 2010

Where is Melman?

The story behind this layout is when Dan has an ache or pain we always call him Melman after the sickly
giraffe in the madagascar movie! So when we saw these guys at universal studios we just had to get a photo of them together.  It's based around sketch 114 at Creative scrappers and I've used mainly scrapagogo kit stuff here.


Friday, 30 July 2010


Well, the school summer break is here...and yeah, you guessed it, its raining! To be fair though it hasn't rained all week, so we have been strawberry picking and out to Mount Edgecumbe country park and also been to the cinema (Toy Story 3) and out for lunch, so we've had a nice time so far all the same.

I took the opportunity to sneak off to the craft room for a couple of hours today though and had a go at the sketch over at Pencil lines right now (197), here's what I came up with.....


Friday, 23 July 2010

Happy scrapping

Finally I've managed to spend some time in the my craft room and completed some layouts....I was beginning to think I was never gonna get in there.

I had 3 Scrapagogo kits piled up unused, so thought it was high time I made a start on them, here's what I came up with....

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Just popped in to say that I'm still around and have not abandoned the blog completely yet! Life is hectic right now and I do not see it getting any quieter for a while, I have not done any scrapping for the past 3 weeks, I have two full unused scrapagogo kits with another about to be delivered and I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel perpetually going around and around!

Dan is off to Spain tomorrow for a week long school residential...he's gonna have a fab time, but I'm a bit anxious...typical mum! Maybe a few minutes in the craft room would be good for me....I'll try to make  layout this week.....