Sunday, 17 May 2009

Long Time no blog....AGAIN!

I am so rubbish at this blogging lark! Life just seems to take over and before I know it a week or 9 has gone!

We have now booked our holiday for October.....we are going back to Florida WOOHOO...little happy dance etc! I'm already getting giddy and it's ages away! So, to keep me going I've set myself a challenge of finally scrapbooking my favourites of the photo's we took the last time we went...2006. I know I should have done these a long time ago, but, it just never happened for one reason or another, so last week I ordered some new goodies and this weekend I set to work on starting the album. Here are the layouts I've done so far......

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rachel said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog, your florida layouts are great, i plan to finish my florida blog and then add all my layouts i have done, just done another 4 today so big job, i am on the dibb im rachel82 on there.take care