Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Travel Journal

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for having completed my first mini book/journal. Way ahead of time as well ( I won't be using it until our hols on October!)
The inspiration came from here...http://craftybeast.blogspot.com/2009/05/honeymoon-travel-journal.html ...so many thanks!

I had loads of bits n pieces that were left over from other projects, so the only thing I bought especially for this book were the book rings!

Most of the paper used was from the K&Co 'wild saffron' range that I had lying around.

I intend to make notes as we go through the holiday and maybe add a few small photo's when we get back. It's mainly to remind me of 'what, where and when' though for when I start doing my holiday layouts.


Jenny said...

I love your journal! Can't wait to see it full up too :-) Thanks for your lovely comment x

Becky said...

Lovely journal :)

Mini said...

Just what I had in mind for my trip. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sue x